Oklahoma State University
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The Genomics Core Facility has obtained new instruments



1. An Illumina NextSeq500 genome sequencer

  • Capable of producing 120-billion base-pairs of data
  • Does RNA-seq on eukaryotic organisms
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2. An Agilent BravoA "NGS" 96-well robotic liquid handing robot

  • Specifically set up for production of serquencing library preparations
  • Creates up to 96 samples simultaneously
  • Has gripper that can reposition plates on the deck
  • Has heating cooling and shaking


3. An Agilent Tapestation 2200

  • Much like the Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100
  • Can run single samples
  • Can be used for larger library preparation and quality control


4. An Agilent SureCycler thermocycling instrument

  • Optimized for sequencer library production


5. An Agilent PlateLoc thermal plate sealing instrument

  • Doesn't use sticky tape
  • Stays put at -80C