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OSU Genomics and Proteomics Center

Microarray Cost Recovery Fee System


Non-Profit Fee Information:


The fees listed must be considered estimates. Actual fees may vary. We are not allowed to make a profit, and try to provide service at or below your cost.  Please contact us if you have questions.


Normal Workorder Procedure:

1. Meet with Core Personnel and agree on needs with pricing
2. A charge number must be obtained with workorder
3. Work is performed
4. Invoices are sent from our Office monthly
5. Payment should be received within 30 days of invoice



ACADEMIC - Includes Oklahoma State University, all private academic institutions, and all public academic institutions outside of Oklahoma using government funding.

PRIVATE - All private companies, and all other organizations.

In-Store Software is free when you operate it yourself


Bioinformatics Fees:

Informatics Services are generally charged by the Service (SU) rather than by the hour. Currently an SU is approximately the same as one hour. Please contact Core personnel if you have questions  and before starting a project.


Work Performed by Core Personnel

All microarray/bioinformatics services (per SU) $35.00 $90.00

Data can be stored on OMCF drives temporarily, however, all data over 4-months old will be automatically removed by scheduling software. Therefore it is important that all users eventually store their own data. Data can be archive to the Oklahoma Petastore as needed.

MicroArray Pricing Summary:


Please contact us to schedule production or analysis of microarrays.

Prices are based on

1. Total features (spots or probes on the entire slide)
2. Number of replicate arrays per slide
3. Custom processes
4. Cost of slides.

Up to 48 pins can be used. We generally use Corning epoxide-based slides but can order many other slides such as Corning UltraGAPs, Corning amino-silane, Telechem Superamine and Erie amino-silane coated surfaces. Thanks to VWR our prices are generally lower than yours and we pass this savings to you.